by removing wasteful and negative thoughts and feelings.

“ I hope everything is alright. How is she doing at school? I hope she’s okay.”

When I think in a state of unconsciousness, I deplete my mental and emotional capacity to handle unexpected events in my life. Our thoughts and feelings are tied together. I can not think without feeling and I can not feel without thinking.

Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

The mind never stops.

I experience through the mind. Thoughts and feelings are two sides of just one coin called experience.

When I think a thought or feel a feeling repeatedly, I am meditating on that thought or…

1 of 109 tracks from the ORI voices Oral History Collection, which I curated over 2 years
1 of 109 tracks from the ORI voices Oral History Collection, which I curated over 2 years
1 of 109 tracks from the ORI voices Oral History Collection, which I curated over 2 years
1 of 109 tracks from the ORI voices Oral History Collection, which I curated over 2 years
Experimental Project

Because I’ve left my feelings out of the picture. To grow in self-love is a challenging process to continuously submit to, but it’s worth it.

3:34 am.

I experienced something quite lovely a few nights ago. I was journalling in remembrance of Source — the source of all truth, power and love— in the early morning hours before sunrise, when I sort of lost the feeling of what I was doing. Instead of aggressively whipping the pen’s ink across the page, the pen flowed simply, weaving magic between the lines.

The moment felt sweet and light.

Then my awareness shifted…

The more you’ve got to give, the more you’ve got to share, or your karmic debt will mount by the second… Surprise!

Credits: Audrey Fretz

Always say no to the forbidden pit.

Two days after my 22nd birthday, I ate a lychee fruit. They’re very fragrant and quite pretty to look at. Although I was feeling happy upon receiving the fruit, once I sat down to eat it, a wave of insecurity and anxiety that had — no doubt — been brewing inside of me, struck.

As soon as I bit into the fruit, I discovered a chunky pit. Regularly, it’s not my…

Credits: Aleks Dahlberg

How attractive is it to see a lone star in the sky? It pulls you, no?

Beauty is fascinating isn’t it. A rolling landscape with picturesque brick walk-ways, a field of flowers in the thousands dotted with just the right amount of red, purple and orange to make your breath stop in your chest.

Then there’s the beauty of the body. Whether it’s painted on, or endowed to the body, it still manages to fixate the viewer more often than not.

I was asking myself why? Why does all of this attract me so much?

And I think it’s the…

Because some do not trust that they are more powerful than the ego says.

Credit: Andrew Gloor

I am more powerful than the ego says.

I’m one of those people. People keep telling me, “Just let it go.” “It’s okay. Be free.” “You’ve got a chance at something wonderful.” “Just rela-a-a-x-x”, they say.

And I agree intellectually, but the feelings aren’t really there yet. And so I steady my posture, take a deep breath in and exhale through my chest and shoulders, down into my hips. And then I continue on with my regular, day-to-day functions.

So in essence, I do nothing to…

Credit: Major Savage

I’m reading, “The Loneliness of Superheroes”, by John DeVore at 3:49am the morning of September 3rd. Usually I spend this time meditating, to charge up for the day ahead of me, but this morning I find meditation is not such an easy experience to be had.

If I were a superhero, I could use telekinesis, or magnetism, or super-strength, to put a broken heart back together instead of crushing the shards in my fist in a fit of rage, and bleeding.

In this excerpt, John discusses his battle with feeling lonely as a child, and now isolated as an adult…

“Why do you like to have conversations with people?,” I ask the elderly African gentleman that is seated beside me at Starbucks. We had been chatting about global politics, and how unique he finds the millennial generation:

“I look at you and see someone that might give me new ideas. And usually I like talking to Black people. Chuckle. That has nothing to do with racism it’s just that Black people come from very different places: Latin America, Africa, then you come to learn how a small group of people think. …

Ruby Ajiloré

I am a student of self-growth and awareness.

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